A club for our youth that gives resources, love and encouragement so that our youth can become whatever they dream and more. The Positive Imprint Club is a branch of Our Chance Enterprise (OCE), which is a non-profit organization that focuses on character development.
Yes it is. The fundraisers are only to benefit the club for marketing, promotional items and to support a project.
Contact the Site Director or the PBS Coach at their school to ask about the next Positive Imprint Gathering and any required paperwork.
Parents can help out with the Community and School Pride Projects as well as fundraisers, with the proper approval through the school board. It is highly encouraged for parents to be a part of the PTA. You can also ask the Site Director if they need assistance in any certain area.
Yes, our umbrella organization, Our Chance Enterprise's motto is, “Unity is the Key to Change.” We would like for our kids to share their knowledge of being a Positive Imprint.
PI Club is not just a club, it’s a family. We offer, in our club, the ability for our youth to dream. They will come to a positive environment and be fed knowledge to share with their peers. We give our youth the platform to express themselves.
Yes, we encourage joint participation from parents and guardians. You must first be approved as a volunteer/PTA through the school board.
As a member of the PI Club you will have an opportunity to purchase at your site or you can visit our store link at www.OCEkids.org/store and click on “shop now”. We are working on getting a system that will give you points on a card and you will have a choice to purchase items off the site or use the points towards the Summer Leadership Camp, or grand treasure from our sponsors.
For any question’s you can call the school and ask for the Site Director for the PI club or you can call Our Chance Enterprise at 305-897-7795 ext. 108 and ask for the Positive Imprint Coordinator or club coordinator or e-mail Positive Imprint at Info@PINation.org
If you are a child or a parent you can reach out to the Site Director.
Financial@OCEkids.org someone will respond to any questions you may have.
Each club has the freedom to pick their own project, but it must be agreed upon by the Site Director and the majority of the Club members.

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Encouraging the youth to step out of their comfort zone by building their self-esteem so they become leaders while setting positive examples for their peers as well as the community.



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