Positive Imprint Stars are encouraged to dream

Positive Imprint Stars are encouraged to dream. The youngest group of the PI Club, grades K-5, they have a heightened concern for their peers and often rely on the input of those closest in age to process information. At such an impressionable age, Stars receive assistance through our core values to build their confidence, which further allows them to ask for help when needed and develop teamwork skills. After exposing the Stars to the positive morals and values of the PI club, Stars unconsciously share the information with those around them. In an effort to blend the older and younger members of the PI Club together, the Seekers provide support and examples on how to lead a positive life. These interactive moments will enhance the Stars’ abilities to further develop their goals, granting them the opportunity to see their dreams become a reality.

Who We Are?

Encouraging the youth to step out of their comfort zone by building their self-esteem so they become leaders while setting positive examples for their peers as well as the community.



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