Positive Imprint instills in our students a sense of pride

Positive Imprint instills in our students a sense of pride, a belief in their skills and talents, and gives them opportunities to develop it. One's pride is influenced by many surrounding factors, or one's input and output: namely, movies, music, social media, family, and one's circle of friends. Our hope is to be a positive influence for our students, to be another beneficial source of input. We want to give our youth the ability to believe in themselves and the knowledge that they are capable of doing anything in life if they are willing to put in the work. Self-pride will help in many areas of our students' lives, such as academics and their overall attitude. A well-developed sense of pride will empower youth to not let their surroundings dictate or limit their goals and aspirations, to always set a higher standard for one's self and family, to be a role model or the image for his or her family.

Who We Are?

Encouraging the youth to step out of their comfort zone by building their self-esteem so they become leaders while setting positive examples for their peers as well as the community.



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